Best of Burnett Fashions on the Field

Once again, country racing was a great day out, with fast racing and exciting Fashions on the Field. Many filled the Race Club for the Day’s activities, with an all-female Jockey attendance; it was indeed a record-breaking day. The Monto race Club 2021 made history, with an all-female squad riding for the Day.

 The club reached capacity with record attendance. When the racing stopped, all eyes turned to Fashions on The Field, with the whole crowd captivated by the high-end presentations of the top 10 Grand Finalists competing in the best of the Burnett; it gave fashions a great vibe.

 There were various divisions for competitors on the Day, that included: – Best Dressed Boy or Girl U12yrs Best Dressed Boy or Girl 13/U18yrs Stylish Couple Gents – Stallion & Steeds (Winner into Final of BOTF) Elegant Ladies (Winner into Final of BOTF) Contemporary Ladies (Winner into Final of BOTF) Stylish Millinery Heat 4 and Finals of Best of the Burnett ~ Fashions on the Field 2020. There was no shortage of style or competitiveness on the Day as each category was on display; all were awaiting the Best of The Burnett’s final, a section hotly contested.

The Judges had their work cut out for them at times, judging the Grand Finalists for the Best of The Burnett asking the contestants to walk again while the judges took a closer look. However, there can only be one Winner on the Day. Congratulation to the Winner of the Best of Burnett, Trudy Bryer, wearing Milva Carucci Designs. Many thanks to the Judges on the Day, Debbie Lodwick – Clare Stark – Kathy Corones.

Thank You to Nicki McClymont for assistance in writing this article

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