Chantelle Dinis Finalist in The Australian Supermodel of the Year.

Gold Coast gal and Vet Nursing student Chantelle Dinis is on her way to Bali to compete for the 2020 Australian Supermodel of the Year. iModel Fashion Magazine caught up with Chantelle at the Why Mary photoshoot for a quick chat about the competition.

Q:  Can you tell us about the Australian Supermodel of the Year competition?

A: Yes, about 30 girls are going over (to Bali). There are three categories. There’s editorial, commercial and social, which also includes the fitness category. There is a curves division, and there’s runway/ fashion. And the whole competition is promoting I am strong, I am enough, and I am beautiful, which is a beauty from inside, and ASOTY is also about inclusiveness and diversity.

Q:  What part of the competition are you entering?

A: I’ll be entering in the editorial and social,

Q: Why did you want to join the competition?

A: Because I have in the past
entered model competitions, that want girls with proper height because I am not
of standard industry height, Australian supermodel of the year has a selection,
I love the idea of getting more exposure in editorial/commercial and fitness
modelling, which is where I believe my strengths are, and
in this division, it is more inclusive with no height restrictions, this I
respect more as I know I be judged on my abilities not my measurements!

Q: What
sort of modeling would you like to get into?

A: I would love to get into editorial and commercial modelling with well-recognized
brands and companies. So like being on billboards and magazines, and the likes,
I also want to build on my fitness modelling as well. I believe even in fashion
parades; it is all about selling; it should not be about your measurements as
such, but more on how you can create the best results for the company, brand or
fashion designer etc.

Q:  Why Mary has come on board with giving you
a hand. Can you tell us what Why Mary is helping you out with?

A: Yes, they’re one of my sponsors, and being able to promote their business and wear their clothes over in Bali is just amazing. Their clothes are beautiful, and I will help support this for Why Mary Designs during my time in Bali as well as after I get back, it’s a partnership rather than just being sponsored.

Pc: Joe Nucifora Dir of Visual Arts at iModel Fashion Magazine

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