Clifton Cup Winner Best Dressed ladies Contemporary

A: I’m Elizabeth Reed. I’m from Toowoomba. I’m out here with my cousin, Emma. We do a lot of the country races together. I’m fortunate because she lets me wear a lot of her pieces. So, this skirt is Manning Cartell, the top is Country Road, the headpiece is something she just bought, and we’ve added the veiling to it, so I’m fortunate that we can share pieces, get dressed up together, and then enjoy country races together.

Q: Fantastic, and the hair, make-up, and nails; I see you’ve got a bit of detail to nail on.

A: I go and get the nails done, make-up I do myself, and I’m fortunate; Emma’s talented at hair as well, so she does my hair.

Q: How long did it take you to assemble it? Like a week, a couple of months?

A: Probably a couple of weeks. We think about it, we try and get a few different colour schemes going, so I’ve got the gold, I’ve got the white, I’ve got the hot pink, and we try and match it all together and get it to work.

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