COVID- 19 couldn’t stop us

iModel Fashion Magazine talks to Niki Teljega about Designer Q fashion event held during the Covid – 19 era

Niki Teljega – CEO & Yassine Dahiri – Event Director For the first time ever, DQ decided to expand into a Fashion festival. We had planned on showcasing 30 designers (10 each show over 3 shows) and have 1 showcase Friday night, Saturday lunch time, and Saturday evening. At the start of the year, we had most of our designers locked in and we were ready for the biggest event we have hosted to date. Unfortunately, COVID hit, Hard, and we were losing designers left right and centre. We really thought we might have to postpone the event, as Designers were unable to showcase due to their labels being suck in other countries, or the uncertainty of the effect COVID would have on the world at that stage. The designers who had not pulled out were all still so worried about what would happen, but they put their trust into us and stayed by our side while we all held onto hope, that COVID would clear up just in-time. And it did, for a while there QLD had been doing so well, and I could see the designers starting to get excited again. The day before our final fittings and rehearsals, QLD had another out brake, I woke up that morning to designers, models and even sponsors emailing me asking me if the event would still go ahead with the new restrictions that took place over night. I was on the phone for almost 3 hours talking to the QLD gov about my event, to soak up every information I could, to see if A- We could go ahead with fittings tomorrow and B – Can DQ go ahead?. After speaking to 3 of the workers there, we finally got the approval I was looking for. We had our COVID safe plan in place, and nothing was stopping us from here on out. Designer Q was a little different this year, having an almost 80m runway due to the 1.5m social distancing rules, were pretty sure that makes Brisbane’s largest runway to date. Last time DQ had a large runway was back in 2016, and a lot of bad things happened, so we were very worried things could go wrong again. But we are very proud to say we pulled off a whole day of fashion with 2 shows, 16 designers, 40 models and all our sponsors who pulled together during these hard times to support Designer Q. Unfortunately, due to COVID boarder restrictions, 2 of our designers could not make the event, so we called them backstage on our tablet so they could walk the finale without having to be there in person.  A huge thank you to our sponsors, William Tan, Vanilla Pod, Chi – Momento Road Photography, Joe – The Golen Eye filmz, Samara – The beauty School, Kylies professionals make up and our 2 stunning hosts for the shows – Pearly Sprinkles and Mikaela Phillips. 

Next year marks Designer Q’s 10th Birthday, and you best believe we are going out with a BANG. Hope to see you all on the runway for DQFF 2021. 

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