Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles features Aussie singer-actor

Known by gaming and anime fans across the globe for her epic theme songs and varied voice acting roles, Australian Donna Burke sings the opening and closing theme songs and narrates the new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition.

Never heard of Crystal Chronicles? It originally debuted on the GameCube console in 2003 and is now remastered for the Switch, PS4, Xbox and Steam (Windows) platforms.  Burke was on the original game and is hyped that this new version will be finally released worldwide after being delayed twice.

“It’s a thrill to know that your voice will be heard around the globe by all sorts of people, in varied stages of their lives. I can’t wait to see fans’ faces light up in recognition when I next have the chance to perform the songs live!”

A lot of Australians who don’t play games or watch anime might still be familiar with Burke’s voice. If you’ve travelled on the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka, you would have heard her English announcements.

“It’s probably what I’m still most famous for in Japan,” laughs Burke. “I’ve been doing ‘the Shinky’ voice since 2003. Weirdly, the same year the original Crystal Chronicles came out!”

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