Krystle Doyle Kirk

magic Millions Krystle Doyle Kirk at this year’s Magic Millions’ Fashions on the Field

Where do you find your inspiration for Fashions on the Field (FOTF)?
The inspiration for me comes from a lot of different places. In the past, I have based outfits around animals, flowers, plants, and places I’ve visited. Sometimes it’s as simple as a print or color of fabric that takes my eye, and the rest flows from there.

How long was the process of coming up with this particular outfit?
I started working on my outfit for Magic Millions around November last year. I was conscious of the Christmas break and want to give my dressmaker and milliner plenty of time to get everything finished before Christmas.

Did you make any part of the outfit?
In most of the cases, there is some degree of DIY to my outfits – with this outfit it was as simple as changing the color of the hardware on clutch from gold to silver.

Where did the concept for this outfit come from?
The concept for this outfit started with the shoes (that never happens). I loved the Bird of Paradise feature on the heel and so based the whole outfit around that concept – vibrant orange and shades of blue. The curls on the hat are symbolic of the bird of paradise flower. My dress designed around a style that I am very fond of and custom made by my good friend and dressmaker Lorraine Griffiths. My hat was custom made to suit by Tracy Mac

Can you please tell us where each piece of the stunning outfit came from?
My dress is by Lorraine Griffiths in orange linen fabric sourced by me from Perth, Western Australia. My clutch is an Olga Berg raffia pod clutch, head-wear customized by me, I changed it from gold to silver. My beautiful hair is by Miranda from TSM Hair in Pacific Pines and my makeup I did myself. My shoes are Fendi – a gift from my husband and my jewelry is my own except for the earrings which are from The Silver Shop.

Does your husband give you a helping hand? Does he attend FOTF with you?
He’s very supportive and attends as many FOTF with me that work commitments allow. I’m a very decisive person, and usually, when asking him for his thoughts on an outfit, I am only seeking validation. He, of course, offers his opinions freely but doesn’t try to get too involved in the process.

What’s the feeling when you’re on stage with all the other ladies?
It never gets any easier or any less nerve-wracking – regardless of how many times you’ve been up there, but it’s always a lot of fun. Most of the ladies are really encouraging, and there are always a few laughs in line and up on stage.

Do you feel that your outfit was in with the theme of the day?
I thought so but without an actual theme publicized there will always be some degree of interpretation.
To me, Magic Millions being on the Gold Coast is always about color, bold prints, and tones. Being mid-January and summer in Queensland, the climate was a significant consideration for me in putting my outfit together.
My dress made from breathable linen with a cotton lining. My bag and hat also constructed from natural fibers and the concept originating from a very tropical flower to me, personified summer on the Gold Coast.
I opted not to wear gloves, again taking into account the (summer) style of my outfit and the climate.

Your thoughts on the winner?
I thought the citrus theme and tones of Rai’s outfit worked well for Magic Millions; it was good to see her have another win in it.
Brittany always looks incredible and is still a standout – I loved her outfit, very feminine and elegant.
Emma’s outfit to me was the clear standout on the day. The sequins and smart cap personified the glitz and glamour of the Magic Millions. She nailed the theme.

You have won FOTF before, does it give you the confidence to keep on trying every year?
For sure. Winning a sash is always great, and it does encourage you to keep at it but for me what’s important is more about the creative process behind putting an outfit together, the friendships you make along the way and really just having a fun day out. You can’t take winning and losing on stage too seriously – it’s really all just a bit of fun.

Magic Millions

Krystle Doyle Kirk at this year’s Magic Millions’ Fashions on the Field

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