Men’s winner Fashions on the Field Clifton cup

Winner of the Men’s Best-Dressed Gentleman of 2019 Dylan

Q Whereabouts are you from?

A: Toowoomba. I’ve come all the way in today, so it’s been a really lovely day.

Q: Is this the first time entering a Fashion on the Field?

A: It is, actually. It’s a bit nerve-wracking to participate for the first time, but it’s been very exciting.

Q: Was there any pressure from your partner at all to enter?

A: Just a little bit of leaning, from the partner, yeah, to have a crack. But I’m glad I did, now that I’ve got the prize.

Q: And can you tell us a little bit about the outfit? Who came up with it? Did you just throw it on today?

A: All the things I had, which is good. I didn’t have to go shopping for this one, but I’ve gone with the white pants, which I think is a bit of a controversial choice in this dust today: white pants, blue check shirt, and navy jacket with the yellow tie. And I think the yellow tie might have been what kicked it over the line in the end, with the spring colors.

Q: All the best for the rest of the afternoon, and thanks for talking to us.

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