Milano lmai

iModel Fashion catches up with the talented Milano lmai at the 2018 Melbourne Cup, Myer Fashions on the Field at Flemington Victoria.

Q: We’re here at Flemington Melbourne Cup with Milano from Queensland Gold Coast.  Can you first of all just tell us, is it your own design?

A: Yes, Andrew Semple and I, my friend Andrew, we designed the dress together.  It was a little bit of his idea, a little bit of my idea.  He was playing around with pleats and he baked a bunch of pleats in the oven and then I wanted to add some more, so my brother and I also baked pleats in the oven and then I did all the hand sewing of the embellishments, the embroidery of the dress as well.

Q: And how did you come across the material?

A: Andrew actually had the blue crepe fabric which was perfect for pleating, had the fabric at home already and when I went to his studio, I spotted the fabric and thought that would be perfect for my dress.

Q: Okay, and the millinery?

A: It’s by Monika Neuhauser in New Zealand and she hand-dyed the silk to match my dress.

Q: And what was the thought pattern behind the outfit for today’s cup in Melbourne?

A: The thought behind it for the inspiration?  I wanted to have an outfit that was very Dior inspired.  I love Dior’s look so I thought that the big Dior brim with the dress that had all the pleating and the midi-length would be a really nice combination.

Q: And how is the experience on Melbourne Cup Day?

A: It’s always a fun day except for the torrential rain this morning, but luckily, I had my raincoat and I had some extra plastic bag for my head.  I looked a bit silly but it was worth it, rather than getting your hat wet.

Q: And hair and makeup done by yourself?

A: Yep, hair is by Hair by Rosie and I always do my own makeup because I feel like other people don’t do a very good job.

Q: Fantastic.  And the shoes?

A: By Lipstik and my bag by Cult Gaia.

Q: That’s the Wonder Woman one, isn’t it?

A: Yeah, an accidental purchase.  I thought it was half the price but I didn’t realize it was in US dollars.  Yeah, very expensive.

Q: Thank you very much for your time.

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