MUM’s Point.

Pictured: Australian Supermodel Finalist Chantelle Dinis

Chantelle’s mum adds her point of view with her daughter entering the Australian supermodel pageant and traveling over to Bali.

Q: Cheryl, can you give us a little bit of information about your support for your daughter? What are your thoughts on her entering into this?

A: She’s entering the Australian Supermodel of the Year. And she’s been following that for the last couple of years. Last year they had a fitness category, so she thought she would try and get ready for this year to enter that. But now that they’ve combined the fitness with editorial, commercial, and – goodness me – social, so she’s in that category, and she’ll also have that fitness as well. So she’s been in the industry since she was about 11. She was told she was very photogenic. And she started doing runways when she was young. And she did all her training when she was very young, but then when she got to 15, she was told that you would not be able to do a lot of this because you’re too short. And that got her more determined to think well, and I can do other things in the industry. So she’s been fortunate enough to do lots and lots of photoshoots. She’s done lots of charity runways. She’s worked with the legendary Faye De Lanty, who’s on the TV – what is that, Today show? Who is a very fond friend of hers? And when she comes to Brisbane does her fashion parades, she always uses Chantelle. So, she’s going over to Bali because she wants to prove to the industry that it’s not all about the height, the size. It shouldn’t be about your measurements as a first point of – you know, the first thing that people ask before they even meet you. So, she’s confident, and she’s optimistic, and she’s just hoping to be able to be that role model with girls.

Q: So what’s been your sort of say, parent’s guidance, and your view of her walking runways and having photoshoots at an early age?

A: I think at an early age, I’ve always monitored her social media. To make sure that she’s not getting the wrong people contacting her. But yeah, within it, sort of like I’m a mummy manager, I’ve been told. So, we sort of work together, and I’ve helped her as much as I can. And she’s made some fantastic connections within the Gold Coast. And in Brisbane with everyone. Photographers, makeup artists, and other modeling people. I’ve just been there to help her.
Drove her around, of course, because she still hasn’t got her license. What’s happening? We’ve got 30 more hours, and we’ll be done.

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