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The night Music came to town this is the only way I can explain the talent from Myth, a five-piece band that plays an Indy pop style of music.
With all musicians studying at university twenty-year-old, Maddison Smith fronts the band as lead singer.
When we think of Australian music of recent times, we think of the likes of Sheppard a Brisbane band performing and touring the world, with the likes of Myth we know that the Australian music scene is alive with up and coming talent.
iModel Fashion caught up with Maddison after the show for an interview.

Q. What is your name and the name of your band?
A. My name is Maddison Smith, and the band is called Myth is shortened for my name

Q. Where are you from?
A. I am from the sunshine Coast originally but now live in Brisbane

Q. How long have you been playing music for?
A. I would say that I have been playing and singing since I was ten years old

Q. How do you subscribe the kind of music that you play?
A. I feel our music is indy pop genre category more in the main streamline of music

Q. You were featured on triple j unearthed can you tell us a bit about how that came around?
A. I attend Griffith Conservatorium of music where I am studying a bachelor of popular music, and I do a lot of songwriting and recording there, and I uploaded some of my tracks to triple J, through Soundcloud and had some success through that.

Q. What is your goal with your music?
A. I am looking to continue to write and produce my music

Q. Have done any tours or currently playing around town?
A. Currently none to date.

Q. How do people catch up or follow your band?
A. People can find us on Sound Cloud where we upload our music

Q. How do you see yourself on stage?
A. I just like to be myself and confident and yet conservative at the same time and be weird and funny at the same time

Q. Can you tell us a bit about your band?
A. They are all amazing as we attend Uni and all of them have been playing from a young age and the band members are Sam de Lange – Drummer – Luis James – Lead guitarist and back up vocals –      Anthony Ball– Guitarist – Bronston Kennach – keys

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