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Q. As an avid fotf contestant what keeps you coming back to fotf?
I love being able to plan my outfits to get dressed up and enjoy a day out with friends.
Q. Do you create your outfits?
Yes and No some of my outfits I buy secondhand and others I plan and have made to match my hat
Q. What comes first outfit or millinery?
Defiantly my outfit as I feel it’s more straightforward to plan an outfit and shoes along with accessories
then get my hat to match
Q. If I were judging, I would be up on stage looking at the fine details of the outfit
like the hem – how the hat was constructed – nails – hair and makeup. Do you feel
that the finer details are worthwhile?
I think it’s the overall look and how its all put together including hair makeup
and accessories as well as keeping within the guidelines of the session when
it comes to hat and dress code
Q. Do you feel there is one major part of an outfit that you spend more time on?
Mostly planning and putting it together, mixing colors and working out different options and ideas its very
time consuming to make the outfit the best I can. I usually can picture my ideas then it’s bringing them all
Q. Imagination is everything when putting together an outfit where do you find
you creativeness from?
I usually can imagine what I like then putting it together. I also see a lot of
amazing outfits that gives me a lot of ideas to work on
Q. How far have you traveled for a fotf?
Rockhampton is the most extended trip I have made for a FOTF
Q. Can you tell us a little about your winning outfit for the Caloundra
Cup – dress – millinery –hair makeup – shoes – that amazing clear clutch – and
bow with the broach on it OUTSTANDING!
My dress was reminiscent of a 1950s dress with a modern twist on the sleeve
detailing collaborating with mum and Danielle Shaw from Leichhardt Qld.
Once my dress was made it was just putting everything else together and
making it work
Sandra – Ann Ringuet from woodend made my hat from Ipswich Qld, Sandra
creates the most amazing pieces.
Makeup and hair are by me with my hair being so long I find the large bun is not
the easiest way to go but its such an elegant and classic look that will never go
out of fashion.
My amazing clear clutch was from iconic, and mustard fabric and horse broach
for detail heels are nine west and elegant net stockings from Myer.
Added accessories vintage gold belt layered with black velvet belt so two belts
along with three-tier ball earrings and a vintage black fur.
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