The inaugural Ravishing Fashionistas Fashion Show Rehearsals

Saturday the 23rd was the dress rehearsals for the inaugural Ravishing Fashionistas Fashion Show which is to be held at the Brisbane Sofitel on the 30th of March.

Creative Director, Upma Kite, is undoubtedly happy with the show selling out one week before show date but the dress rehearsals was a
chance to plan and run through the details and logistics before the big show
day. Upma was happy with the flow of the rehearsals
but was looking for ways to improve the flow of designers and models as this is
no small event, with 55 models and 12 designers to get through on the day.

With a checklist as long as
the runway, Upma was regularly checking with area personnel for potential
issues and ensured that the models can get in and out of the designer clothes efficiently
and without damage.

Upma explains that nobody’s
job is more important than the others for this is what makes the team and when
everyone works together and takes the time to understand what each team member
has to achieve on the day, the show will run smoothly.

The show kicks of at 1.30 pm at the Brisbane Sofitel Brisbane Central on the 30th of March.

iModel Fashion Dop – Joe Nucifora

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