Winner best-dressed Classic Lady Clifton cup 2019

We’re here with the Best-Dressed Classic Lady at the Clifton Cup. First of all,
can I start with your name and where
you’re from, please?

My name’s Emma Clarke. I’m from Brisbane,
but I spend a lot of my time-based in Toowoomba
as well.

And can you tell us a little bit about your outfit
and how long it took to come together?

So, actually, I made the skirt myself,
and I made the pattern myself, so it’s based
on a full-circle skirt pattern, and it’s got eight panels and about 1.6 meters
wide. So, a lot of material went into it, and my mum helped me make the
pattern, and then we put it all together. I had the belt custom-made from Belt
Mania in Victoria. The top is a By Johnny that I’ve had in my wardrobe for
many, many years. And the hat is Maker
Millinery from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

Wow, Kalgoorlie. And hair and makeup, and nails and so forth?

All myself.

And can you tell us about the little brooch
you have there?

So, this is my grandma’s brooch. She was
from the UK, she was born in the UK, so between my mum and I, we spent a lot of
time traveling in the UK in the last few
years, we have dual citizenship, and my mum has one matching. So, when she
attends with me, she wears one very similar, a little bit bigger, but I think
this one’s from the UK, and about the 1940s.

Q: Congratulations on the win this afternoon.

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