Womens Racewear Melbourne Cup 2018

: Hi, Anthony from iModel Fashion Magazine in Brisbane.

A: Hello.  Nice to meet you.

Q: Just a few questions like where you are from and what dress you’re wearing and so forth.  First of all, can we start off with your name and what state are you from?

A: So, my name’s Jordan Beard and I’m from Cairns in Far North Queensland.  I’ve just moved to Melbourne.

Q: And whereabouts in Melbourne are you?

A: I’m in Pascoe Vale.

Q: Nice, and congratulations on your win today at the Melbourne Cup, 2018.  Can you tell us a little about your outfit, your millinery and all together, how it all came together for you?

A: Thank you.  I don’t have any words.  I’m speechless.  My dress, Sonya Alba-Miller from Far North Queensland made my dress and her sister, Liana Hastie from Sonlia Fashion made my millinery.  So, a sister combination from Far North Queensland.

Q: And are you coming back on Oaks Day?

A: Yeah, hopefully I’ll be here, yeah.  Should be good.

Q: Well, congratulations on the prizes and have a good rest of the Melbourne Cup.

A: Thank you so much.  It’s been amazing.

Q: Thank you very much.

A: Thank you.  Lovely to meet you.

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