About Us


Welcome to iModel Fashion Magazine, where we travel to fashion and lifestyle events for editorial and news like articles.
With our video/photography ability and interviews, we bring you news on events from around the country and not excluding world fashion events.
Travel is part of what we do therefore capturing moments that you may not see or have known about.
Anthony Rice is a passionate photographer that came across from shooting with his film camera to the digital world and since being involved with fashion events that started with the Miss. Universe Australia Pageant many years ago on the Gold Coast.
Anthony thought about where to put his photos with many photos from events rather than just social media. He then started iModel Fashion, which was at that time only to be a little online magazine, though as you can see, it has grown to be a bit more than just online.
With a new change of direction, Anthony has decided to open up his magazine to more lifestyle events, still covering his passion for runway shows and fashion events.
We here at iModel Fashion hope you come along on our journey and find new and exciting events that we travel to.

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