Ravishing Fashionistas 2023

Ravishing Fashionistas 2023 showed its continued growth by introducing a new section this year with Designers talking on stage on July 14th.

Host Casey Grant and I took to the stage with the designers to discuss their designs and the struggles of starting their fashion line.

The talks gave the fashion-adoring public an insight into how to bring a fashion line to market and find new ways to get new life into old or tired outfits.

While concept creator and director Upma Kite and her team looked on and kept the flow of designers coming to ensure the public kept interest on stage.

Designers showed the public what they would see on their RF runway. With the likes of 

Paradise Point Fashion Lab

Caren Lee Milliner

Jewellery designer Lilliana

African designer T. MAK Madusu

SFH Designs

Mika, with her unique range of rubber jewellery

Vexvina, two young designers

Designers Caroline & Vivienne from cavi.r.07, two friends making a positive change in ethical, sustainable fashion, saving discarded garments from landing in landfill, showing that fast fashion is not the way to move forward.

Claybourn, Est. 1910

Italian designer Ricky Conti said they updated their traditional Aussie coat garments with a broader range for women, men and kids.

Not forgetting pet clothing and accessories.

All have been designed with the highest quality in mind.

An ethical and sustainable brand made for the ages.


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